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Monday, September 6, 2010

Learnin' Cowboy Lessons

Texas! When you say that to some people it conjures up images of cowboys on horseback and cattle grazing on the prairie. Some folks in foreign countries think we still fight Indians in Texas and Oklahoma!

I know a barrel racer from Illinois that saw Urban Cowboy as a young girl and wanted to move to Texas, marry a cowboy and live in a mobile home. She laughs about it now because she did move to Texas and she did live in a mobile home but without the cowboy!

And then there is the lady I knew that was bound and determined to marry herself a real cowboy! And that is a great plan but the problem was that she was looking for her future cowboy husband in the bars at the historic Stockyards of Ft. Worth.

She was a well educated person with a Masters degree and all! But she was a city gal that liked the notion of living the western lifestyle. She had a good idea but went about it the wrong way.

Bless her heart, she isn't the only person that thinks you will find a cowboy hanging out in the bars. So many people think that if a man is wearing a cowboy hat or boots that he is a cowboy.

According to a cowboy is:
1. a man who herds and tends cattle on a ranch, esp. in the western U.S., and who traditionally goes about most of his work on horseback.
2. a man who exhibits the skills attributed to such cowboys, esp. in rodeos.
( has some other definitions of cowboy that I won't go into because I don't agree with them and I'll save that for a different blog.)

I wrote a poem about the city gal that was looking for a cowboy in all the wrong places. And those who know real cowboys will understand what I am trying to say.

And by the way, she is getting married soon to a fine man but he isn't a cowboy, he is a city boy and more of a fit for her.

Learnin' Cowboy Lessons

You go to the bars and honky-tonks 'neath the lights of neon blue,
Hopin' to find yourself a cowboy who will someday say "I do."

You think if you find a real cowboy he'll be everything you need.
Your lookin' for a cowboy knight to the rescue on his trusty steed.

You say you want a feller with a hat, boots and tight wrangler jeans.
Well I have to tell ya that's not what being a real cowboy means.

But since you're a high falutin' city gal I can't expect you to know,
You won't find many real cowboys in those places that you go.

Now I don't mean to hurt your feelin's and I sure don't mean to be rude,
But it's time that you learned the difference between a cowboy and a dude.

And if you do find a real cowboy that wants to partner up for life,
There's some things you need to learn before you become his wife.

First you'll learn a cowboy is a good man, you'll find there is none better,
But I hope you like his cologne, it's called eau de' Horse Sweat and Leather.

You'll learn the stock comes first, and sometimes you'll take second place.
But rest assured he can't wait to get home to your sweet smilin' face.

And get used to having dirt and manure all over your nice clean floor,
'Cuz even though he wipes his feet, upon his boots is stuck a little more.

And when you get all gussied up and you're ready for a night on the town,
Don't be surprised if he ain't plum wore out and he meets your smile with a frown.

You gotta learn the difference between a wanna be and a cowboy that is real.
It's not in what he is wearin', a cowboy just has that certain appeal.

It's not in how he looks, it's a way of bein' that comes from the heart.
And not many people know it but cowboyin' is a work of art.

You'll learn cowboy is a man of honor and for his God and freedom he will fight.
A real cowboy stands up for what he believes in and he stands for what is right.

And you will find that he is usually kind and treats you in a respectable manner.
He tips his hat to the ladies and takes it off for the Star Spangled Banner.

And you'll learn a cowboy is true cuz he rides for the brand and lives by the cowboy code.
And there's plenty of REAL cowboys still out there, you just cant see 'em from the road.

Now I aint saying you wont find your cowboy one of these Friday or Saturday nights,
But you'll come more near finding him further away from these city lights.

And I know some cowboys like to dance and some might go out for a drink or two,
But you need to learn, Honey, if he's lookin' for a wife, he ain't in no bar lookin for you.

By Teresa Burleson