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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Academy of Western Artists Winners

Western Music Male...Randy HustonWestern Music Female...Jennifer LindWestern Music Duo/Group...Rocking HWWestern Music Yodeler...Gary McMahanWestern Music Album...Lynn Anderson "Cowgirl II"Western Music Song...California Cowboy Band "Cowboy Blue"Western Swing Male...John EnglandWestern Swing Female...Carolyn MartinWestern Swing Duo/Group...Saddle CatsWestern Swing Album...Saddle Cats "Herdin' Cats"Western Swing Song...Les Gilliam-Oklahoma 1955Western Swing Instrumentalist...Buddy SpicherPure Country Male...Frankie MillerPure Country Female...Heather MylesPure Country Duo/Group...Jake Hooker & the OutsidersPure Country Album...Georgette Jones "A Slightly Used Woman"PUre Country Song.. Darrell MCall "Fast As I Can"Disc Jockey....Cary Hobbs, KTMP-AM, Heber City, UTRadio Station...KTMP-AM, Heber City UT Cowboy Poet....Ken Cook, SDCowgirl Poet....Teresa Burleson, TXCowboy Poetry Album/CD...Jessica Hedges "History In The Barn", WABuck Ramsey Book Award...Dawn Nelson "A Cowgirl Remembers When", WA Western Artist....John Kittelson, WYCowboy Cartoonist....Brenda Lee Nichols, WASaddlemaker....John Willemsma, OKSpurmaker.....Ray Anderson, TXEngraver....Stewart Williamson, NMGarnet Brooks Memorial Chuckwagon Award....Don & Shirley Creacy, TXWill Rogers Lifetime Achievement.....Alvin Davis, TXDon King Memorial Saddlemaker Award...Forest Shupe, CA

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Barnyard Diva

Yesterday I got home from work at a ranch down the road, and I changed into something a little more comfortable. No, not a lacy nightie or a cute pair of shorts. I put on a white t-shirt and my blue checkered pajama pants that hit just below my knees. (My usual pink ones were in the dirty clothes hamper). I fixed a little supper and then it was time to go out to feed. So I slipped on my black rubber boots and headed out the door.

I fed the goats and gave the old nanny a good pettin and then I went on to feed the horses.

The horses needed water so while the trough was filling I provided them some dinner music by singing Cowboy Moon and Don't Fence Me In. I used to sing Cowboys Sweetheart to them but the yodeling spooked them.

After shutting off the water I headed back towards the feed shed to put up the buckets. I decided that my goats needed a treat so I grabbed the saw and found some low hanging branches on the oaks trees to cut off for them. I love the way they get so excited when I throw those branches over into thier pen. They love to eat leaves!
After that was done and I put the saw up and I decided to mow a little. My husband was on the John Deere riding lawnmower so I started up the push mower and mowed around the house.

As I was mowing I wondered what the passing traffic on the Farm to Market Road we live on thought about my outfit. Then I thought, Who cares?

About that time my husband whistled at me, no not a wolf whistle as if to say he thinks I'm cute, he whistled loud to get my attention over the sound of the mower. He wanted me to help him put out a round bale. I am the official gate opener. So, we put out the round bale. I opened and closed the gate and hopped on the tail gate of the pickup for a ride back to the house. We were done for the day.

I love my life. I truly do. It is the life I always wanted. Of course in my fantasy I imagined more money and less bills. But I know how fortunate I am to have what I have. And I don't mean just the material possesions or the handsome husband or the good children and grandchildren we have. Or the wonderful friends that enrich my life on a daily basis. I am so fortunate that I have so much joy in my life. And that joy comes from my faith in my Lord. And it comes from that fact that I have the wisdom to recognize my blessings and to appreciate what I have. I count my blessings and not my trials.
Now its 7pm and I've gotta go feed again. this time I'm wearing my pink pajama pants with my black rubber boots!