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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It has been said that Texans are a proud bunch and I suppose that's true. And maybe I am being a little too bold to even entertain the idea that Santa could possibly be from Texas. But IF he was I wrote this poem to describe how I imagine he would be.

If Santa Was From Texas

If Santa was from Texas instead of up north where there's snow,
I bet he'd be a different feller from the Santa we all know.
Oh he'd still be jolly but he wouldn't wear that funny little hat.
Why no self respecting Texas would cover his head like that!
No, it'd be a Stetson with a 5 inch brim that's red.
And no fake fur for this cowboy it'd be 100X instead.
His boots would be Justins with tall stitched red tops.
And the soles would be magic so up the chimney he could hop.
He'd wear Billy Klapper spurs for when he rides his horse.
And his jeans would be Wranglers, cowboy cut of course. He'd wear a red silk bandana and leather gloves on his hands.
And a red Carhartt to keep him warm as he flies across the land.
He'd haul his gifts around in a wagon made for freight.
Cuz a sleigh don't works so good her in the Lone Star State.
And it'd be pulled by 8 Texas Longhorn steers.
Cuz out here in the West you won't find many artic reindeers. And those steers would be broke to fly and on the nights that's there's a fog.
He'd call on Ol' Rudy, his red nosed border collie dog.
His tow sack would be filled with tack for cowboys that were good.
And he'd have toys for girls and boys just like Santa should.
On Christmas Eve he'd sneak in to every ranch and bunk house.
And except for the jingling of his spurs he'd be as quiet as a mouse.
He'd leave his gifts around all the cedar Christmas trees.
For folks to find come morning and they'll be sure to please.
He'd fill every sock that's hung by the fireplace with care.
And everyone would know that the Texas Santa had been there.
Then with a click of his heels he's up the chimney with a jolly Yee-Haw!
And as he rides away you can hear him holler, Merry Christmas y'all!