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Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the first edition of Chasing Tumbleweeds.
I chose the name of my column from one of my favorite stories, Conagher.

Conagher is a western film based on a Louis L'Amour novel of the same name, starring Sam Elliott as Conagher and Katherine Ross as Evie. It is the story of a woman that went west with her husband but was widowed soon after. She lived out on the prairie and became so lonely that she began to write notes and tie them to tumbleweeds. She just wanted to share her heart. The tumbleweeds would blow across the prairie and Conagher would find the notes on them and he eventually fell in love with Evie through the things that she wrote in the notes. And Evie fell in love with the wilderness: One of my favorite parts of the movie is when she says, "You don't know what music is until you hear the wind in the cedars"

What a romantic Western love story. Conagher is one of my favorite movies. Am I a romantic? You bet yer boots I am! Aren't all poets?

So I am going to tie notes to the tumbleweeds of the world wide web and let them blow across cyberspace. I just want to share my heart. I hope the notes you find are entertaining and thought provoking. Maybe you'll even fall in love with me!

So until next week, Sit tall in the saddle and pull yer hat low, may the Lord ride with you where 'er you may go.
Teresa Burleson Cowboy Poetry the Cowgirl Way

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