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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rhythms by Teresa Burleson

God gave us each a tempo that's keeping time with His spirit.
So we can sing along with Him and let the rest of the world hear it.

My life is made up of rhythms that began with the beat of a heart.
The spirit of man and the elements of land each play an equal part.

Listen close and you'll hear a tune played by the cattle as they graze,
The chewing of cud and swishing of tail wile away the summer days.

I hear the creaking windmill keeping time with the song of the wind,
The wind that is blowing in the clouds that are rains next of kin.

And the beat of those raindrops falling on the roof made of tin,
Bringing the nourishment that will make the prairie dance again.

Or the blatant contrast and the stillness of a hot August drought,
As the pulse of the heat that is bearing down and drying out.

I've danced to the cadence of a horse and the fall of its hooves,
I have sat atop the power and become one with its moves.

It's a ride that beats out a rhythm that fulfills a spiritual need,
And I know the calming measure and meter of my horse eating its feed.

I've experienced the flow of memories that rush in to flood my mind,
They transport me to another place and the lyrics of another time.

I recall the beat of the pots and pans from momma in the kitchen,
As she bustles around, peeling potatoes and frying up the chicken.

And there's the rhythm and the urgency of a newborn baby's cry,
Accompanied by the soft, soothing whisper of a mothers lullaby.

Yes, life is full of rhythms like the lilt of laughter and the flow of tears.
The song may change but the beat remains as I waltz through the years.

Each rhythm has made me who I am and brought me to this place and time.
Each beat has fulfilled a destiny that is so uniquely mine.

The love of the West and all that it holds is a symphony within my spirit.
God has put a poem in my heart and I want the rest of the world to hear it.

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