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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Normally, in Texas we have mild winters. Sometimes it doesn't even get cold enough to kill off all the insects. When spring arrives we have more fleas and grasshoppers than ever! Believe me though when I say, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!
I am very thankful that I don't live in North Dakota. I just don't know if I could tolerate the cold!
Am I a wimp?!
I couldn't go to work today due to the roads and probably not tomorrow. Our groceries are quickly running out. I can deal with that but I can't tolerate the cold. The weather report says it is -3 wind chill.
When you have livestock to tend too it is a different experience in weather like this than for those who live in town.
We only have two horses and 4 goats to take care of!
I can't imagine what my friend Karla goes through. She is a ranch manager and has many, many head of cattle to care for. But Karla is the epitome of cowgirl.
I am a wimp.
We just came in from feeding. It is soooo cold! I got my glove wet when I was breaking ice on the goats water. When I was walking back I got in a snow drift up to my knees. I lost my balance a little and grabbed the pipe fence and my glove stuck to the pipe. I had to rip it off the fence! By the time I got to the house my glove was frozen stiff!
I have no choice. We have to care for the animals. As long as we have animals I will go out in the cold and get frozen hands and feet and a wind chapped face.
However, I may have to move further south!!
I am a wimp!

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